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9 Best Beaches Water Babies must visit Andaman And Nicobar Islands In 2021!

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The beaches tucked away in various pristine islands, are the most striking thing about Andaman. The best Andamanian beaches make these shimmering blue waters, smooth sands, beautiful cottages and huts, and exciting sports water. While some are extremely popular and exciting, packed with tourists, other quiet and secluded beaches are great for honeymooners to enjoy a private holiday. While in Andaman there are a lot of amazing beaches, we did compile a list of the best beaches for you. Look for a vacation in Andaman tour packages before planning.

1. Corbyn’s Cove


Corbyn’s Cove is one of the most unpolluted Andaman beaches of Port Blair, lined with luxurious coconut plantations. Water sports, leisure, beach shack relax, or boat trips up the Snake Island can be enjoyed. This is one of Andaman’s most exotic beaches, offering nature lovers a lovely getaway. You’ll be won over by the peace and peace of this beach. Seakarting emerges as one of Andaman’s most popular water sports, which means that many 


adventure seekers visit Corbyn’s Cove all year round. If you are looking to ride the exclusive Jet Ski and Speed Boat hybrid that blends speed and awe with security and comfort, you can plan a visit to this beach. Starfish Adventures hosts exciting trips to Corbyn’s Cove Beach in the Seakart region. The adventure center has become well known for offering one of the best seamarting activities in the country. 


2. Wandoor Beach

This coral beach is one of the most enchanting and popular beaches in Andaman, Wandoor. The beach is the gateway to the National Marine Park of Mahatma Gandhi – perfect for exploring exquisite corals and sea fauna. This beach is a paradise for nature lovers and photographers and visitors for relaxing walks.


3. Radhanagar Beach


Beach No 7, popularly called Andaman’s Radhanagar Beach, located on the western coast of photogenic Havelock Island, is one of Andaman’s best beaches. The Time Magazine has classified it as India’s best beach and the 7th best beach in the world. It is made perfect for a relaxing stroll by its white, sparkling sands, turquoise waters and the green plump palm vegetation.

4. Elephant Beach


The beach of Elephant is one of Andaman and Nicobar’s more famous beaches. Elephant Beach in Andaman on Havelock Island is a 30-minute boat ride or jungle walk from the property. The calm beach is embellished with colorful waters, a calm environment, and a sparkling sandy shore.

5. Vijaynagar Beach


Vijaynagar Beach is also known as the Beach No 5 and is one of Andaman’s best beaches. The water is shallow and clean and is ideal for swimming and surfing. Its picturesque environment, pristine vegetation of the coastline of Mahua, azure waters and quiet landscapes guarantee a relaxing holiday.


6. Kala Pathar Beach

Vijaynagar Beach is also known as Beach No 5 and is one of Andaman’s best. Water is shallow and clean so it’s ideal to swim and surf. Its scenic setting, pristine coastal Mahua greenery, blue waters, and tranquil landscapes ensure a relaxing holiday.

Beaches In Neil Island


The beautiful beaches of this island in Andamans provide a view over the turquoise water and white sand. On Neil Island, list these beaches:

7. Laxmanpur Beach

Situated on the long stretch of Laxmanpur Village, it is worth visiting Laxmanpur Beach during your vacation in Andaman. It’s fascinating to have an Andaman honeymoon that very few tourists visit the beach and the beauty of its white shell sands and shallow water. Collect seashells and corals as they are in abundance on this beach while they are battling.

8. Sitapur Beach


On the long stretch of the village of Laxmanpur, you should pay a visit to Laxmanpur Beach during your Andaman vacation. It is amazing to have an Andaman honeymoon because very few tourists visit the beach and the beauty of its white shell sands and shallow waters! Collect seashells and corals while wetting beaches because they are found on this beach in abundance.

9. Bharatpur Beach


Bharatpur Beach has a great view on the clear sea that it offers among the best beaches in Andaman. There are vibrant coral reefs on the extensive beach, and the place is perfect for swimming. You will feel as though some artist had painted this beach in his dreams as you lay eyes on the beach.


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