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A Mesmerizing Experience Sandhan Valley Trek

kumara parvatha tre



Sandhan Valley is a deep natural break on the picturesque Sahyadri mountains of Maharashtra, which rises 3000 feet high above the sea level. Sandhan valley is situated in the vicinity of the gorgeous area Bhandardara near Samrad village. Imagine a 300 foot deep canyon carved by water over a million years as the light shines through the moose-covered flowers and the breath’s tone echoes through the thin walls. This exciting journey awaits tourists in the mysterious Valley of the Sandhan – affectionately known as the Grand Canyon of Maharashtra.


The Valley of Sandhan is one of the most interesting aspects of India. The deep canyon is one of the most challenging hiking routes in the heart of the Sahyadri. It is also known as the Shadow Valley since the sun cannot penetrate into the bottom of the valley. Sandhan valley is located near Bhandardara in Igatpuri. On a trip to the Sandhan Gorge, you will learn that it is not only an excursion, but a complete remembrance package, climbing cliffs, snacking and campering under the starry sky. Sandhan Valley has three forts: Alang, Madan and Kulang. The AMK is the combination of the three bastions.




You first must meet Samrad and arrive in Kasara or Igatpuri in order to access the valley. You better reserve a car for yourself to enter the city. Mumbai is about 200 kilometers away, and is reachable in approximately 5 hours. From Mumbai and Pune you can also take a state bus to Igatpuri Ghoti, which will take you to Bhandardara with more busses to Samrad.You need to get to Kasara Railway Station to camp in the Sandhan Valley. It takes 2 hours to meet the distance between Mumbai and Kassara. The Sandhan Valley is 230 km away from Pune and will last about 4-5 hours. When you reach the base village Samrad, you hire a private jeep or a shared jeep.




You could camp overnight in Gorge, which is a great experience. There are neither hotels or lodges in the vicinity, but many cozy homes offer a night’s sleep.




There is no food road, so there are no houses for this shady ravine. But the village of Samrad offers a wide variety of home-made dishes, including fresh and spicy marathis, including bhakhri, poha, upma, bhaji, dale and rice. Take a nutritious, full breakfast before beginning your journey, eat some food for the night and have a nice lunch at Dehne and Samrad after the descent. Trek operators can supply you with food if you go on a group tour.




You must start a trek in the region of Sarmad and go through shallow bodies of water which for the first few hours are around 2-4 feet deep so that you have suitable footwear. When you descend, you get to the Swing Stage of Tarzan, where you need to remind and use a ladder to descend.

You have to step over the rocks as you head down to the basement. You have to wade in a pair of deep-water pools. You will camp after a wide cliff and see from here the pinnacle of Bann and the hill of Ajoba. Overnight in the clear sky, it is truly an amazing experience, even though you never have it. Or instantly you can start the trip back.

You must then start descending on mild trails and a river bed in the pond to Dehne village. With a bus from here, you’ll hit Asangaon Station. If you still don’t have enough of an adventure, you can either return to Samrad on the same path and stay in Bhandardara on a weekend.




Every year is ideal for a walk to the Sandhan valley with the exception of summer. The sun drains the energy and makes it less fun to walk. It gets warm and moist. Trips to the winter, autumn and even mountains in the Sandhan Valley.




Trekking down the Sandhan Valley is physically normally very demanding. Every day you will walk through a number of terrains for ten or more hours.

Former trekking experience for all such trips is highly recommended.

Travelers have big blocks to navigate. The challenge is intensified by a few moments by the use of ropes and climbing.



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