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Do Mattress Protectors  Make You Hot?

Do Mattress Protectors  Make You Hot?

Mattress Protectors is an essential bedding material that shields your expensive mattress from stains, dirts, spills and allergens. It is a must-have accessory for you.

Many people, however, complain that a mattress protector makes them hot and sweaty at night. The truth is, if you get cheap ones, you’ll indeed be hot at night. 

So, what do you do? Do you ditch using a mattress protector and expose your mattress to stains and spills or do you continue using a protector and keep waking up drenched in sweat? The answer to both is NO. A cooling mattress protector and a breathable mattress protector is able to solve that problem. Read on as we discuss more on this.

Why do I feel hot when I use a mattress protector?

For a mattress protector to be able to carry out its function of protecting your mattress, it must have a waterproof property. Hence, most of them are made of plastic materials because plastic is an effective waterproof barrier.

Now, depending on the plastic that coats your waterproof protector, you can either have a hot night or not. When we sleep at night, our bodies heat up. In the absence of proper air circulation between our bodies and beds, hot air is trapped and you get hot. Therefore, you must ensure you go for a breathable mattress protector.

Cover material: The cover material of your protector can also make you feel hot at night. Therefore, it’s necessary you opt for protectors made of natural materials like bamboo, cotton or Tencel.

How does a cooling mattress protector work?

A cooling mattress protector works by absorbing any extra heat and regulating your body temperature.

Your body temperature needs to be low if you want to fall asleep at night. Therefore, it is essential you get a cooling mattress protector as well as a breathable mattress protector.

What to consider when choosing a cooling mattress protector?

  1. Materials

It is essential you look out for the cover material and waterproof material with which your mattress protector is made.

Cotton: For a cooling and breathable mattress protector, cotton is a great material. Cotton is both extremely breathable and cooling. It is also soft on the skin.

Bamboo: Bamboo is derived from the pulp of bamboo trees. Its hypoallergenicity, and cooling ability makes it a good material for a cooling mattress protector and also a breathable mattress protector.

Tencel: This is gotten from the pulp of Birch, Eucalyptus and Oak trees. It has great cooling abilities. It’s highly breathable too, thus, making it a cool material for a protector.

Polyurethane: This is a waterproof material. It is a very good material for a breathable mattress protector because it contains microscopic pores which allow free air flow.

  1. Size: It is very important you get the right size of mattress protector. This is because even if you have solved the sweating problem, a wrong size of protector can post another problem. 

Wrapping Up

You don’t have to sleep hot again. You just need to get a good cooling mattress protector and also a breathable one.



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