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Ratangad trek perfect destination to spend your vacation

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Ratangad is an epic 2000 year-old fort with cisterns and caves on top of it, statues at the main gate as well as a shrine. The most astonishing feature is the fortification’s rock peak, with an eye-of-source cavity at the end. A stunning hike, in many respects, not just because it brings you into the beautiful Sahyadris, but because it takes you into the mountain. The Western Ghats thrive in these months in a rain-swept paradise. Waterfalls, moose roads, tropical forests with lush green colors and wild flowers occur all over the region.


Ratangad fort is a historic fort in Maharashtra district of Ahmednagar. It is found at 4255 feet above sea level. Not only is this place neglected but it also overlooks some spectacular peaks like Alang, Kulang, Kokankada, Katrabai and Kalsubai. You will fly by overnight bus to the village of Ratanwadi, which will lead you from the eleven-km path up to the fortress. When in the fort, take a look at the past and the architecture behind it, before going back to the base.




Go to Ratangad Fort for a Monsoon Hike, and take photo views from the top. You can fly from Mumbai to Thane for Ratanwadi (base village). Starting trekking through the dense greenery of the Ratangad mountain. When you hit the top, explore each area of the fort from where you enjoy spectacular views of the vicinity. Then come down to the summit and fly to Mumbai. If you are looking for precisely this sort of adventure, have it booked and have the most unforgettable experience.


The hiking starts in the village of Ratanwadi. Go towards the temple of Amruteshwar when you enter the city. The route to the peak begins on the left bank of the Pravara River, right in front of the temple Amruteshwar, also known as the temple of Ratangad. You can see from this temple the massively erect Ratangad before your eyes with your back to the Bhandardara Dam. Ratan gad clearly identified a natural peak of rock by its proximity with a cavity at its highest point, Eye of the needle at the head of the fortress. You see a pinnacle on the right side of the fort known as the Ratangad Khutta.

The path mostly passes the village fields and is fairly straight before you hit a recently constructed dam on the river. Here you have to cross the river and scratch the dam to hold the river to your left. The road walks around the water body created by the dam. It’s straight with meaningless climbs to the bottom of a mountain. You must walk up this small hill before the castle. You get to a small clearing after ascending the slope. 

You are taken to the top of the rock by three steel ladders. You can get to the first door of the Ratangad Fort until you ascend the ladders. Go a few steps ahead before the fourth ladder is reached. You can see a wide cavern on the right side when you ascend this ladder. You can take refuge in the cave if you wish to stay at the fort. The cave is ideal for 30-40 persons. Expect a business to use the cave to camp during the monsoon like many walkers. During the weekend a local villager eats near the entrance to the cave. If he is available when you fly, you can check with locals.


In the village built around the neighboring century in the Hemadpanthi architectural style there is a delighted 1,200 year-old Amruteshwar Shiva sanctuary. The fences of this temple are adorned with beautiful, sumptuous stone sculptures and figures. The river Pravara blows into the temple.


The  carvings of the temple structure are based on the old artist’s stories from the Hindu holy scriptures such as Samudramanthan, Yakshakinnar’s statue. A water tank called Vishnu Tirth is flawlessly assembled near the temple.


The fortress is home to the Pravara/Amrutvahini stream. This is the basis of the Bhandardara Dam. The whole view of the Bhandardara Dam gives trekkers immense pleasure. Ratangad has stunning views of the nearby summits and the Bhandardara dam. It can be seen only from a few forts the resilience of the Sahyadri Mountains and Ratangad.


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